A downloadable game for Windows

Made For Ludum Dare 40, in 48 hours

A pixel, pseudo open world game, where you have to conquer all the goblin villages by dodging, shooting, and slashing your way to victory, and all the while, enemies are getting stronger with each kill. Comments, plays, and ratings are much appreciated.

WASD to move
Mouse to aim
Hold left click to charge attack (you can see the charge status by the red bar above your player)
Release left click to attack
Space to switch between weapons
Right click to dodge

Mouse is almost necesarry
Kill everyone to win
The white bar is your life
You don't have to charge your weapons all the way
You deal more damage with more charge
Arrows fly farther the more you charge them
Top left number is your kills, the more you have the more damage the enemies do
Top right number is your ammo for your bow
Regular enemies drop health, bow enemies drop arrows
Sometimes when you charge them fully, the arrows fly past enemies, this is a bug
Regular enemies have 100 hp, bow enemies have 50 hp
Enemies will hang out at their spawn, so you have to go approach them

Install instructions


Just download and run the game, it should work. Comment if you have any problems.

Game Maker is needed to open the source code.


Conquer.exe 2 MB
Conquer Source Code 3 kB