A downloadable game for Windows

Power House is a fast faced arcade game made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 39. Play as a robot, slowly losing power. Kill the other robots to steal their batteries and survive as long as you can. Racking up points to get a highscore.


-WASD to move

-Hold left click to shoot your laser

-Hold right click to charge at the enemy, taking out anything that touches you

Extra info:

-You can't charge attack the bomb-dropping airplane

-Killing an enemy with a charge attack gives you more batteries

-Attacking uses up energy

Install instructions


You have the choice to download a .zip file or a .exe file to PLAY the game

To get the source code, you must have Game Maker: Studio, then download the file

Contact me if you have any problems or questions.


Power House .exe file 3 MB
Power House .zip File 3 MB
Power House Source Code 3 kB

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